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Academy Ethos & Vision

Uphill Village Academy is an Academy committed to ‘Learning without Limits’. This means we believe that there is more in everyone than we think. Labels for children can inadvertently limit our expectations of them but here at Uphill Primary we believe every child is intelligent and extraordinary. We want all our children to leave our school with the knowledge and the skills they will need to lead a flourishing life; and to have the disposition to help others’ to do so too.

To make this happen we believe:

  • All children and adults can be trusted to learn if the conditions for learning are right.
  • In an ethic of ‘everybody’.
  • That children and adults will take responsibility in their education and in their lives.
  • Courage and compassion are essential to all learning.

Our academy is a place that values quality, character, standards and craftsmanship. It is an a school where children are always encouraged to do real work for a real purpose whenever we can. Our children are taught how we can all work together to help make our school and the world a better place.

In order to do this, our school curriculum is full of expeditions, out and about experiences and produces work of high quality for real audiences.

We work in mutual respect with our families and leave no stone unturned in our ‘Learning without Limits’ journey. Most of all, we hope our children will always look back on their time at Uphill Village Academy with positive regard for the experiences and opportunities they received here.

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