Tudor Portraits

Monday 19th October
This term we have been finding out about the Tudor period of history. As part of this we became artists and drew portraits of King Henry VIII. We followed step by step instructions, listening carefully, so we could produce our own. We are really pleased with how they have turned out and will add colour and detail to them next.

How are shadows made?

Wednesday 7th October
This week in science we have been investigating how shadows are made. We used torches and a variety of opaque objects to complete our investigation. We learned that shadows are formed when light is blocked by an opaque object. We observed and concluded that the closer a light source is

Maths with a (delicious) twist

Wednesday 16th September
This week in maths, we gathered data using skittles. Everyone’s data was different and we needed to think for ourselves in order to interpret the data we had in our packets. First we looked at odd and even numbers and needed to decide if our packet had an odd number

Terms 1 & 2 – Was Henry VIII the worst king?

Wednesday 16th September
Our project in terms 1 and 2 will see us become historians as we step back in time to explore the Tudor period. We’ll start by finding out how the Tudor times began; discover who the Tudor monarchs were, taking a particular look at Henry VIII and his six wives

Welcome to the Chandra, Sputnik & Voyager Class Blog

Wednesday 16th September
We hope that you have had a lovely summer break. We are really looking forward to seeing you all return to school as Term 1 gets underway; we have some really interesting learning planned for you all! We know that returning to school after the 6 weeks holiday and such a strange few last